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We are Samvaad, a Socialyze Company

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We are engaged in different conversations all through the day! Imagine a day without conversation!

Makes you feel lifeless right?

At Samvaad India, we understand the importance of interacting with people on a daily basis. Hence we try to strive to make every conversation worthy and engaging.

Samvaad India will be doing such meaningful & constructive conversations to make you or your brand a leader of authority, credibility and influence.

We combine our research, technology, design & content to make you or your brand interactive across various Social Media platforms.

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Who we are

Digital and Social Media changes and evolves daily.

Any digital or social media course is out-of-date before the syllabus is printed.

Luckily our team loves digital and social media. You could say we are digital butterflies we live and breathe it 24/7 which means we are always up to date with any changes and what they mean for you or your business. Our friendly digital and social media agency team includes digital and social media marketers, community managers, designers and developers

Although our team understands traditional and digital marketing, its social media we truly love, and we are out to get everybody on board. Were driven to work your social media strategy hard to get the best results.

Our Team

Dr Rajesh Khasa

Co-Founder and CEO, Samvaad India

  • With more than 20+ years of experience Dr. Rajesh Khasa is a Political Communication Expert, Elections & Campaigns Strategist, Digital / Social Media Coordinator, amongst one of the the early birds of social /digital media engaged with highly effective portals of the time like Niticentral and Indiavotes. Managed campaign for Narendra Modi to be Prime Minister of India in General Parliamentary Elections, 2014.
  • Asia Pacific Association of Political Consultants (APAPC)
  • Leaders Excellence for Harvard Square
  • The International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC)
team member

Nitin Karkara

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Samvaad India

  • With close to 18 + Years of Work Experience, Nitin Karkara has managed Key Leadership roles across industries – having key emphasis on Digital Marketing and Strategy, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Mobile, Search Marketing and Digital Media.
  • He has a strong Digital and Social Media experience and has worked with corporates like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, LG, Philips, Ogilvy and Mather and lots of big corporates in India and Globally.
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